Xochimilco (So-Chi-Mil-Co) is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site Xochimilco 20km south of Mexico City. A network of canals and man-made islands these Chinampas were created by the pre-Hispanic peoples of the region around 1,000 year ago as a way to increase agricultural production. Variously translated from the Aztec’s Nahuatl language as “garden of flowers” or “place where flowers grow”. These days one of the … Continue reading Xochimilco

Indian Pacific Train – Vintage Blog

Carrying on the theme of epic overland journeys, I recently dusted off my old travel journal to reminisce on the longest train trip I have ever taken, a 46 hour transit across Australia from Perth to Adelaide. Amazingly this is only HALF of the voyage the Indian Pacific takes, as it continues all the way across to Sydney on the East coast of Australia, a … Continue reading Indian Pacific Train – Vintage Blog