Travel Traffic Lights

The United Kingdom has seemingly got on top of the Coronavirus pandemic. After a speedy vaccine roll out we can finally sit inside to eat and drink, go the cinema and gamble at the casino. The end of all social distancing measures are scheduled for the summer solstice and life can get back to relative normality after over a year of restrictions. Unfortunately the majority … Continue reading Travel Traffic Lights

Travel Wingspan

As we are all pretty much grounded at the moment its perhaps a good chance to check your Flazinho Country Coefficient or submit your scores for the new ‘Travel Wingspan’ game. Latitude and longitude are a geographic coordinate system used to help locate and chart places on a spherical globe. Longitude is measured as the distance east or west of the Prime Meridien in Greenwich, … Continue reading Travel Wingspan

Monument Valley

Perennially used as a movie set, especially for classic ‘John Wayne’ westerns, Monument Valley provides visitors a quintessential slice of ‘Americana’. Straddling the Utah-Arizona border in the USA’s South-West it sits within the Navajo Indian Reservation, with the nearest town of Goulding a 19 mile drive to the West. Currently closed due to the Corona-virus pandemic this should be high on your list of places … Continue reading Monument Valley