Travel Wingspan

As we are all pretty much grounded at the moment its perhaps a good chance to check your Flazinho Country Coefficient or submit your scores for the new ‘Travel Wingspan’ game. Latitude and longitude are a geographic coordinate system used to help locate and chart places on a spherical globe. Longitude is measured as the distance east or west of the Prime Meridien in Greenwich, … Continue reading Travel Wingspan

Monument Valley

Perennially used as a movie set, especially for classic ‘John Wayne’ westerns, Monument Valley provides visitors a quintessential slice of ‘Americana’. Straddling the Utah-Arizona border in the USA’s South-West it sits within the Navajo Indian Reservation, with the nearest town of Goulding a 19 mile drive to the West. Currently closed due to the Corona-virus pandemic this should be high on your list of places … Continue reading Monument Valley